Meet Cruisader Shane

Meet Shane Shack! This guy is one of a kind and just as crazy, if not more, than me. Shane volunteered one day about a month ago with Street Soccer USA‘s youth program in East NY, Brooklyn. On our train ride home the Bike Cruisade came up for the first time. He immediately told me he was on board and that he can’t hear amazing opportunities like that and pass them up.

He has been dedicated in his training by riding his fixed gear bike almost 30 miles a day. He is already getting his friends and family excited about his journey. This Monday we met up at Randall’s Island with three of his very talented friends to film a short, black & white silent film styled promo video for the Bike Cruisade. Visit the Facebook page here for a full album and stay tuned for the video, we are editing it now!

Age:  32.

Daily Grind: Bartender

Location: Queens NY, but originally from Nashville, TN.

Why He Rides: To discover the world on two wheels while connecting mind and body, in turn making for one happy spirit.

Cruisading: The entire trip NYC to SF!

Fun Fact:  He just changed his first flat tire, with a little help from yours truly. I am so glad we got one of these under our belt before heading across America.

If you see Cruisader Shane on the road, say hi, or give him the ole biker’s nod.  He’ll be the one smiling!

You too can Join The Cruisade by riding, donating some gear, money, advice, shelter or just by spreading the word on the internets!