Meet Cruisader Don

IMG_0093I met Don in Arkansas several years ago when we both were working for an advertising agency in Little Rock. He was always super talented at his job and pushed himself to do more. After years of working together, it was inspiring to me to see him land a new job doing what he loved for a non-profit that he was passionate about. I know he is so excited to join us in support of Street Soccer USA for a week in Arkansas and I can’t wait to catch up with him too. It’s been probably 5 years since I’ve seen this bearded wild man.

Cruisader Don
Age: 29
Location: Springfield, MO
Daily Grind: Web Designer for a non-profit animal rights organization
Fun Fact: He does stand-up comedy at open mic night.
Why He Rides:
He started riding a few years ago with a friend Joe. They  just wanted to ride everywhere they could and got hooked. Don says he’s not very fast, or very strong, but always tries push himself to go faster and to go further. He believes that if we find ourselves in any sort of “good fortune” it’s somewhat of a duty to help all beings around us. Soccer’s the only other sport he’s ever felt any inclination to be involved with so this is a perfect match!
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