Day 5 D.C.

374We woke up at our friends house in Silver Spring and met their parents and grandmother. They were so kind and interested in hearing about our journey and Street Soccer USA. The 8 mile ride felt like a joke compared to what we’ve done so far. It was a beautiful downhill ride through Georgia Ave to meet our friend Alex at District Sport championship match.

I was so happy to get to see a friend who was one of the three volunteers at the 2011 Paris Homeless World Cup. She has been a big supporter of Street Soccer USA and apparently she has a solid penalty shot! Great job on winning the Championship and those Team Fund Up champ socks look sweet! If I didn’t have a ton of bricks in my bags already I would have taken a pair.

We spend the day cruising around town with Alex and had some good food mixing it up with the locals. Thanks to Pat and his roommates for letting us crash at their place! I knew we were home when we walked up the stairs to the homemade bike rack in the living room.


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Aligning The Field

Packing Gear

At Street Soccer USA we often Align The Field before a season begins or before a a team travels to a big tournament such as our National Cups and the Homeless World Cup. I was recently in San Francisco with our SSUSA Family for a tournament and it’s always so refreshing to be meet new players and learn from other coaches. Street Soccer Chicago coach Otto taught me an exercise he did with his team where they went through the positions on the field and how they relate to people in your lives off the field. I challenge you to do the same and think about who your team is and why.


On The Field they are the last line of support. They are strong.

Off The Field they will always have your back no matter what. They believe in you. They are your backbone.

My mother, Marisa Olson, is the strongest support system a person could ever ask for. She has always been behind me no matter what I set my mind to. Taking a leap of faith to leave her, my sisters and a comfortable life in Little Rock, Arkansas was the hardest thing I have ever done. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her to let me go. Now she is putting fear aside and supporting me once again as I journey across the country sharing my passion for serving others, which she an my late father instilled in me as a kid.


On The Field they are the playmakers. They are the creativity as they create space and opportunities for the team to attack and score.

Off The Field they offer their time, money and creativity. They are the ones who are willing to listen to your dreams and  help you achieve them.

My friends, family and sponsors have proven to be mid-fields this week as I knew they would. So many people have donated their money, gear and advice to me leading up to the ride. Special thanks to Outlier, BioLite Stove , Catlike Helmets, Sol Republic, Team Fund Up, Collaborate Ideas and Images, Lauren Anders Brown and Rob Coleman, Alex Bearman, Ben and Cristina Astin, Tyler Davidson, Ashlee Smith, Libby Feller Boek, Vince and Judy Gaul, Laura Enoch, Caroline Carew, Andy Clymer, Ericka Basile, Anna and Crystal Olson and Jeremy Carlisle.


On The Field you look up to them as they make runs ahead of you. They are the inspiration to the team as they score goals.

Off The Field they are leaders. They are role models. They are charismatic. They never give up.

Lawrence and Rob Cann, founders of Street Soccer USA, are my forwards. Without them I would not have realized my life’s calling to help others through the sport I love.


These are the people who embody all of the three positions in one.

Shane Shackelford and David Herscovici are my guys who have been and will be my MVP’s throught this journey as we ride day in and day out across the country. They have supported me in this idea by joining the cruisade with all their heart. They put themselves on the line to ask for help on our behalf. They have not let doubt creep into my mind and kept me pushing towards the
finish line.

I can’t THANK YOU all enough and I look forward to sharing this experience with you all! Your ongoing love and support will be what makes this possible.