Day 5 D.C.

374We woke up at our friends house in Silver Spring and met their parents and grandmother. They were so kind and interested in hearing about our journey and Street Soccer USA. The 8 mile ride felt like a joke compared to what we’ve done so far. It was a beautiful downhill ride through Georgia Ave to meet our friend Alex at District Sport championship match.

I was so happy to get to see a friend who was one of the three volunteers at the 2011 Paris Homeless World Cup. She has been a big supporter of Street Soccer USA and apparently she has a solid penalty shot! Great job on winning the Championship and those Team Fund Up champ socks look sweet! If I didn’t have a ton of bricks in my bags already I would have taken a pair.

We spend the day cruising around town with Alex and had some good food mixing it up with the locals. Thanks to Pat and his roommates for letting us crash at their place! I knew we were home when we walked up the stairs to the homemade bike rack in the living room.


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