Day 4 Silver Spring MD

We woke up at the Super 8 motel in Havre De Grace, MD feeling well rested and ready to beat the rain that was supposedly coming around 9am. The continental breakfast would be the start of a very long list of foods we would eventually consume on our way to Day 4’s final destination of Silver Spring, MD 77 miles away.

Today was a special day for me because I was able to finally charge the new speakers that Sol Republic donated to us. We had been using their earbuds all of Day 3 but it’s so much more fun/safer blasting tunes from a the speakers strapped to the soccer ball on my front rack. See a photo of this rig @BikeCruisade.

I love discovering new music almost as much as playing soccer and helping others so being able to combine these three things together is the most Epic Concoction I’ve been a part of yet. I started a blog years ago under that name but have not really been updating it much since moving to New York. It’s a shame considering the amount of shows I see and the new music I stumble upon but I prefer to let others who are much better at blogging handle it. So I’ve teamed up with a long list of labels and blogs to create Spotify playlists for us to jam to along the way. We rolled out of
NYC to tunes curated by Paper Garden Recordsp and now are rocking out to Old Flame Records 13 hours worth of fuel. I have more playlist that I can’t wait to share with you along the way but there is always room for more! Email to submit one.

The first half of Day 4 we rode along the Pulaski Highway for nearly 30 miles stopping twice to eat even more food before we ended up in Baltimore for lunch. This is where it all went downhill. Well technically it was up winding hills in the hottest heat we’ve felt yet. We somehow managed to not get crushed by tow trucks barreling down the roads crossing double yellows just to pass us. There were some close calls! We met a guy named Bill who prayed for our safety on a bench outside of 7 Eleven. That is just one more prayer to add to the 4 million my mom has made since we left.

These 70 miles days are insane but we have to keep up this pace if we want to arrive in Charlotte, NC by Sept 13th in time for this art event Street Soccer Charlotte is hosting.

With such a challenging week ahead of us I think it’s wise we follow our gracious host’s lead who observe the Sabbath and take our own day of rest in Washington, D.C. today to do some reflecting and of course play some soccer. Big thanks to Ash and Gillian for the amazing dinner and Silver Springs hospitality.

If you know anyone in D.C. that we should hang with please connect us!