Day 46 Holbrook AZ

We haven’t had a day off from riding since Dallas and our bodies are feeling it. Our goal to be in San Francisco by October 31 is what keeps us moving each day. Dave has done a great job of mapping out the western part of our journey. 5 days to cross New Mexico (done). 5 days to cross Arizona. 10 days to cross California to SF!

Friday was another big milestone as we rode across the New Mexico – Arizona State Line! We spent about an hour there taking photos and talking with the other travelers at the rest area next to the Arizona welcome sign. We met some Italian newlyweds because Galileo was wearing a Bianchi tee. Turns out he and his wife are on their honeymoon and they are also traveling to Flagstaff and California, except they are in a car. I bet Leo wishes he had his bike with him though because he races for Bianchi in Italy!

We posed for photo with my 80’s steel framed Bianchi so he could send the pic back to the guys at the factory. He offered up free food at his restaurant and a place to stay if we ever go to Italy. Dave offered up his bikes if they ever visit New York. They were such a nice couple and we hope to see them in Flagstaff tonight!

We got back on the bikes but not until we picked out about 15 goat heads from our tires. These are little three headed spikes that lay in the grass and shoulders throughout NM and AZ. Luckily our Saint Mark from Albuquerque Free and Fixed bike shop put tube sealant in our tires so no flats were had, yet. The Arizona stretch of I-40 was well kept and had a smooth shoulder. We enjoyed a gradual decline of 1,000 ft the rest of the way to Holbrook. We had a couple hours of 15 mile an hour winds and Shane eventually had a flat but other than that it was pretty much a perfect day of riding. I don’t think I broke a sweat the entire 90 miles!

However, we are still exhausted and we slept so good at the Lexington Inn in Holbrook thanks to Roxanna for calling the owner Matthew because they comped our rooms! We even got some video of Matt riding Dave’s bike through the parking lot.

It’s going to be another 90+ mile day to Flagstaff and then hopefully a day of rest on Sunday!