Day 58 Santa Cruz CA

Leaving Big Sur was one of the tough because you need to spend at least 1 week there to fully soak up the views and the smell of the great outdoors. I had my PB&J and coffee while sitting on a chair in the river. I didn’t bring my phone so it could charge up and that is why I have no pictures of this special place. It’s probably better that way only stored in my memory. It was so nice to not have my phone glued to my face for 20 minutes. I thought I would be unplugged more this trip but instead Shane gave me the appropriate nickname “Blog Marley”.

We prepared ourselves for our last 80 mile day of the trip. Up and down the hills on Hwy 1 for the first 20 miles to Monterey was enjoyable but the next 60 miles to Santa Cruz were hot and on bicycle paths running parallel to Hwy 1. The roads were not the best and the sun was draining. Still we appreciated it for what it was knowing that we only have two more days of riding left.

We got in to Santa Cruz around 7 and downtown was covered in orange and black for the Giants game. They just won the World Series but it was pretty tame on the streets. Hopefully the parade in San Francisco will be much more exciting. It is supposed to rain on Friday so we are a little torn about when we should ride in to town. The original plan was to ride 50 miles to Half Moon Bay on Thursday and another 35 miles to San Francisco on Friday.

Rob Cann and the rest Street Soccer USA’s Bay Area team will have a fun finish line waiting for us at 5 pm so
we are going to see them no matter what. Hope it all works out and the San Francisco streets aren’t covered in slippery chaos!