Day 47 Flagstaff AZ

With a tailwind moving us along we did a solid 90 mile day in 7 hours. There weren’t many options to stop along the way so that made us push even harder to get to our destination in Flagstaff.

Shane and I pulled off I-40 at the Twin Arrows resort where he almost broke his leg! It sounds worse than it was but it could have been a trip-ender for him. There was a metal bridge crossing so we slammed on our brakes to avoid breaking a spoke. I was fine but Shane fell right in with his bike on top of him. I lifted his bike to find his ankle caught between two metal bars. It was twisted in a way that it’s not supposed to be twisted. Luckily we were able to keep on pedaling.

With our non-broken ankles we climbed 2,000 ft in total for the day. The last 1,000 was squeezed in the 22 mile final stretch to the wonderful town where we would finally get some rest. We hit up the Revolution bike shop and then the hostel.

Shane got us some list spots to a show at the Orpheum so we got our jam band noodle on for a bit and met some awesome people at the bars. It was a good start to our day off in Flagstaff. It just keeps getting better. I think Ill move here one day. 20141019-151836-55116189.jpg