Day 1 Rocky Hill NJ

Thanks you for all the love and support yesterday! We got a late start from Times Square at about 9:30 am because we were having too much fun and food with friends and family at the send off party.

We took the George Washington Bridge instead of the Ferry because we didn’t want to cheat adding an extra 10 miles to the day. Once we arrived in Hoboken we had a nice two hour break in the shade hiding from that high noon heat which was going to make us all turn back and go home.

The rest of the trip went pretty smoothly except when we found ourselves on a highway with no shoulder next to semis for a brief second. That second can mean the rest if your life and we quickly learned to not mess around with those kind of routes.

Another low point was when Shane’s rear rack broke but we shuffled around his gear, adjusted our play and quickly got back on the bikes after a ten minute break.

The high was finding Canal Rd one of America’s Byways. It was so smooth and along the Raritan Canal. There’s a video which was supposed to be in slow motion but Facebook messed it up. Check it out and more photos at

Around 8:30 we neared Princeton and the sun had been down for about an hour when we found a nice restaurant in Rocky Hill, NJ about 5 miles outside of our final destination called One 53. As we locked up and changed out of our sweaty gear a very kind couple asked about our ride and where we were staying. Since we had now place to stay they offered up their amazing home just a mile down the road. I’ve never slept so good or been treated so well. They even gave us a ton of food!

Next stop Philly!20140903-082308-30188995.jpg