Day 14 Forest City, NC

Day 14 ended in Forest City, NC after what felt like an easy 86 mile day. We sat at the Chili’s restaurant across the highway from our hotel and recapped the “uneventful day”.

1) I almost got backed over by a garbage truck on Peter’s street in Charlotte. 2) We were pulled over by a cop. 3) Shane got a flat tire. 4) We dipped into South Caroline real quick. 4) We rode up a mountain to Kings Mountain, NC. 5) We rode 46 miles in 4 hours. 6) We ate at our first Waffle House. 7) Shane got his second flat. 8) Dave got attacked by fire ants. 9) We found a Jurassic Park Jeep. 10) met an old man who got us up to speed on the latest Miley Cyrus news and all the ford galaxies he has owned 11) We had frozen yogurt in Shelby. 12) We rode the last 7 miles in the rain to our hotel. 13) Unlimited fajitas for 12.99!

Today should be an easy 60 mile ride to Asheville but then again that’s what we always start out thinking. Somehow it ends up being 10 hours on the bike and 70-80 miles no matter what.

Day 15 Mount up!