Day 21 New Johnsonville TN

The first day back on the bike after a day off is always the most difficult. Our legs were still super soar but we have a goal this week and had to keep pushing towards Little Rock, AR by Friday afternoon. Despite the pain we rode 75 miles from Nashville to New Johnsonville, TN putting us at 1,315 total.

It was nice to have Patrick ride with us out of town for about 40 miles. He is sponsored by Halcyon and is an incredibly fast cyclist. I was inspired to look at doing some races when I get back to NYC! I’ll try my first century race this Saturday at the Big Dam Bridge 100. Without panniers I should be able to do it in under 6 hours.

We arrived in New Johnsonville at 6 pm which means we did 75 miles in 7 hours. I got a flat along the way and we stopped a few times but other than that Highway 70 was a real nice armadillo filled straight stretch with only a few hills. The shoulder was huge and perfect for taking group selfies.

The front desk clerk at the Deerfield Inn said that just the other day two cyclists from Europe stopped by and where cruising through little towns in America just because they had never seen them. I like these small towns because we usually have relaxing fun times in them. We went to the bowling alley up the road for dinner and called Big John from Crossville. After carb loading we hit the lanes for a few games. The loser had to sleep on the cot, which felt like cans of soup with a sheet over it. Sorry Dave!

Yesterday was a good day moving towards our goal while things were happening off the road. I can’t thank everyone enough who helped out put together this party at Stickyz with the Funkanites Saturday, Sept 27th. I also can’t wait to see my mom and sister and her kids! Graham called me on the road yesterday and he reminded me I missed his birthday.

It’s tough being away from my family and living in New York but I know I am where I am supposed to be doing what I love for Street Soccer USA. Looking forward to this weekend with family and friends is what is going to be motivation for the next 300 miles.

Day 22 will be much more the same Highway 70 armadillo filled road. We should hit Memphis by Wednesday. Lets us know
If you have any connections there.