Day 40 Clovis NM

We woke up in Texas and went to bed in New Mexico today. It’s pretty wild that just a couple days ago we were riding 90 miles a day in 102 degree heat and yesterday we rode 102 miles in long sleeves. It was cloudy, windy and a little wet as we rode out of Lubbock, TX on Saturday morning. None of us were happy about not being able to feel our fingers or toes but we just kept riding out of town about 10 miles before stopping at a gas station for some breakfast.

The rest of the morning ride was cold and misty but the road was flat and the shoulder was wide. The cool air was much more enjoyable than the dehydrating sun that Texas had to offer a few days before. We played the Gladiator soundtrack on my Sol Republic wireless speaker and kept our heads down and legs moving.

At one point the wheat on the side of the road and the Gladiator soundtrack combo made us think about the final scene in the movie where he is about to die and sees his family in the field. I have already been thinking a lot about old age and things coming to an end a lot on this trip. We all acknowledged that this trip will be over before we know it and that we should cherish each day we have on the road no matter what the riding conditions.

The sun finally came out after a wonderful lunch at Dixie’s Too, a very warm Mexican owned family diner in Littlefield. We had already put in a solid 40 mile day by noon and were on track for our Texas century crossing the New Mexico State line! This sweet sweet lady and I assume owner gave us a blessing in Spanish as we paid and we left feeling pretty good about things.

We stopped one more time in Muleshoe at the dollar store to stock up on gloves, tights and a beanie because it’s about to start getting really cold. There was a sign for a garage sale up the road so we stopped by and chatted with the nice family there. The owner of the house said she lived in a tent for three years just traveling around the country. They were very nice and even gave me a purple bandana and belt with a gold buckle. I’m pretty sure it’s women’s clothing but I’ll take what I can get. As we left their garage a man on a fancy Felt bike rode past and we yelled at him to join us to San Francisco.

He looped back around and we chatted in the road for about 10 minutes. In just that short amount of time I could Lonnie was a cool guy. He still rides about 50 miles a day even though he has had several heart surgeries. He just has to keep his heart monitor on can keep riding. I hope I am 60 and still riding because today was one of the most amazing days of riding we have had yet.

When the day started out cold and wet none of us really complained but we all were thinking just how bad this day was going to be. It ended up being a sunny and cool 70 degrees most if the day. No flat tires. No arguing. No injuries.

We are truly blessed to be on the road and we are all lucky to be on this planet alive and well even with all the terrible things going on. Stay positive and enjoy the little things in life that make it all worth while. Like the delicious fried avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese I had for dinner. I think we are going to really like New Mexico.

Our legs don’t like that we are probably going to do another 100 mile day today though!