Day 35 Azle TX

Monday morning’s thunderstorm gave us a late start out of Dallas. The wake up call still came pretty early when a tree fell on top of my friend’s house. Luckily there isn’t too much damage but I feel bad for them because it’s the second time over the weekend that the storms cause a branch to land on their roof. The four of us ended up riding out of town around noon.

It’s so great to have Don joining us for the week. He and I used to work together in Little Rock so it’s going to be great to share the road and the cost of the hotel rooms with an old friend.

About 20 miles into our ride we broke the 2,000 mile marker. It’s amazing that just a little over a month ago we started at mile 1 in Times Square. Our triangle has covered a lot ground and overcome some pretty difficult challenges along the way. We know that this next month is going to get a lot more difficult as we roll through the rest of Texas and into the desert.

We’ve made it this far with the support of friends, family, strangers and by setting goals each week pushing ourselves to the limit to achieve those goals. This week we aim to be in Lubbock by Friday. If we are going to make it to San Francisco by October 31 then we need to be doing about. 70-90 mile days.

This short 50 mile day to Azle, TX was not a complete bust though. We are some great BBQ and the nice man Peter at the Econo Lodge cut a deal on the price of the room. We also got to chill by the pool for the sunset and he brought all some free bottled water.

Still lots to be thankful for and we even hit a stretch of road that I could consider a cyclist’s paradise just before the Eagle Mountain Lake. The road was smooth, flat, and wide open with views of green Texas for miles.

Today the high is 95 degrees so we have been in the road since 7am to beat the heat. Hope to make up for those lost miles today.